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Flight KAL007: The Anatomy of a Cover-up
by Robert W Allardyce & James Gollin

 Flight KAL007: The Anatomy of a Cover-up

 by Robert W Allardyce & James Gollin


Twenty-four years have lapsed since August 31, 1983, when Soviet Air Force pilot Major Gennadiy Nikolayevich Osipovich radioed his flight’s ‘director’ (controller) from his Sukhoi Su-15 (‘Flagon’) interceptor, with the ominous words: “The target is destroyed.” Osipovich, who had just launched two Kaliningrad K-8 (‘AA-3 Anab’) air-to-air missiles, later reported that “The first missile hit near the tail. There was a burst of yellow flame. The second took off half the left wing. The lights and flashers went out immediately...”

Unfortunately, the ‘target’ was a Boeing 747-200B operated by Korean Air Lines.

Flight KE007 (or KAL007 in the style used by air traffic control) had originated at New York-JFK and was bound for Seoul, South Korea, with a scheduled stop at Anchorage International Airport, Alaska. The 747 carried 240 passengers plus 29 crewmembers, all of whom perished in the attack.

Finally, meticulous research and tenacious diligence reveals the evidence that enables the stunning true story behind the disaster to be told in an exclusive three-part series.

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