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 In Flight Gourmet :: Our undercover food critics scour the world for interesting stories about food and wine aboard the world’s airlines. From delectable descriptions of first class meals to details about an airline’s catering efforts, our In Flight Gourmet will tantalize you with juicy stories.


 First Flyer :: Read first class flight reports from around the world describing the entire flight experience, from check-in to boarding, in-flight service, and cabin ambience. Our undercover editors from around the globe bring us up-to-date coverage and insider reports on first class service.

 Business Flyer :: The most comprehensive flight reports in the business can be found on the Airways website. Our undercover editors are the airline’s worst nightmares, acting as unpaid ‘quality control’ inspectors. Read their detailed reports on the entire business class flight experience—from check-in to seat comfort and food service—updated regularly on this site.

 Coach Flyer :: Read the most candid flight reports in the industry as our undercover editors describe step-by-step what flying coach is like on airlines around the world. From the exceptional catering of Etihad Airways to the dismal culinary offerings on Air New Zealand, these flight reports are comprehensive and added to regularly.



captain A Day in the Life follows an air transport professional: From pilots, flight attendants, onboard chefs, pursers, and cabin managers, to ground crews, dispatchers, ATC personnel, airplane designers and builders. Plus the myriad of other specialized people—frequently unheralded—who make the world of commercial aviation function every hour of every day. Written either by the subjects themselves, or by our own writers who are following in their shadow, A Day in the Life is both unique and exclusive to