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Dreamliner Developments

In mid-June, the Dreamliner flight test program passed the 1,000-hour milestone, or about 40% through the test conditions required to certify the 787-8, according to Boeing.



asia pacific


Asia Pacific Airlines: more than another fishy story

by Ken Donohue

At 0400 I’m sitting in the sparse office of Asia Pacific Airlines at Honolulu International Airport, Hawai‘i. A load of fresh tuna from Majuro —the capital and largest city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands—is scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes.





Destination Colombo

Join beach bum Captain Frank Webb on the cockpit jump-seat of an Airbus A330 on a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka, in search of the perfect Indian Ocean getaway.





SeaPort: the ‘TSA-free Airline’

by Ken Donohue

Imagine flying commercially in business-style comfort from Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, and being able to show up at the airport 15 minutes before your flight, without having to worry about a boarding pass or TSA hassles. Oh, and the parking is free. Unheard of, you say? Not with SeaPort Airlines.





The ex-Braniff Guy

by Gary Hansen

Braniff was a dream job, but one that was soon to disappear—a personal account of flying the 'Flying Colors' to coincide with publication of BRANIFF: Airways Classics Nº 5.





Narrow Shave with a ‘Nine’

by Paul Howard

A colorful trip through Indonesia to Manila, Philippines, with a flight on an ill-fated Cebu Pacific Douglas DC-9.



Suzanne and Mark


The Best—and Worst—Days of My Life

by Mark L Berry

On the 14th anniversary of the loss of TWA 800 off the coast of Long Island a pilot offers a poignant and personal remembrance of the disaster.



In Memory of Susanne

I really wish I had the rest of my life to share with her
I really wish that I could make things just the way they were

No one feels her loss any deeper than I do
But that is mine to carry and not what she’d want from you
Let me tell you about the time we shared and how she lived her life
Let me tell you why I loved her and asked her to be my wife

We grew up together, she was practically the girl next door
But I was just her paperboy; had no idea that there’d be more
12 years after high school our paths met yet again
I looked into her eyes and knew I loved her starting then

We’re in the 90’s now and computers are the rage
We kept in touch by E-mail mostly at this stage
I met her mother and her brothers and we started off as friends
And now the bonds she built between us I hope never ends

I moved out to St. Louis for training that was unplanned
She just smiled and said, “Honey Bunny, of course I understand”
My airline filed chapter 11 and I worried if we’d make it through
She said, “If the worst happens, then I’ll support you”

She earned the ‘Circle of Excellence’ trip at GE Capital
That gave us one wild adventure in Aspen just last fall
We had a serious side to us but it was always fun
As we tried to pull our lives together into one

We lived together all this year and I miss those little things she did
I couldn’t stick my hand in my own pocket without finding Blistex that she hid
And now the time has come much too soon to say goodbye
Nobody has the answers, no-one can tell us why

You knew how much I love you, even more than I love to fly
Susanne, you were nothing less than perfect in my eye
I will carry you in my heart until the very end
Peace, love, and happiness… to my dearest friend

Listen to the song Under The Tiny Bridge with musician Billy Sea :

Mick James wrote and recorded this tribute titled Susanne; hear it here :



Hardship and Hope at Harare

by Ramsey Qubein


Old School

by Sky Masterson





Both Sides: Flight Log

by Clayton Taylor 

Coach Flyer: KLM MD-11

by Christopher Varady


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