Meet Our Expert Team of Aviation Experts, Ready to Take Flight with You

Roberto Leiro

Editor-in-chief at Airways Magazine | Impenitent Avgeek | Aviation Photographer Extraordinaire

Helwing Villamizar

Digital Editor at Airways Magazine │ AVSEC Interpreter │ Webflow Developer

Simone Chellini

Managing Editor at Airways Magazine | Aerospace engineer | PhD Researcher in Experimental Aerodynamics |

Sharad Ranabhat

European Editor at Airways Magazine | Aviation Journalist | Computer Engineering Student

Nuno Seletti

Aviation photographer and videographer based in France.

Lee Cross

Assistant Editor - Airliner World. Contributor and former deputy editor at Airways.

Adrian Nowakowski

Commercial aviation enthusiast from Madrid, Spain. Aviation photographer since 2018.

Brent Foster

Aviation journalist and Daily Caller contributor who counts playing and teaching golf among his many hobbies.

Chris Smith

Aviation author and commercial pilot based in the UK, with twenty years in the industry.

Dominik Csordás

Published aviation photographer from Hungary. Specialized in route network and sustainability.

Douglas Wint

Doug Wint has created aviation-related content for various media outlets through written articles and videos.

Emily Newton

Emily Newton is a technology journalist and the Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine Revolutionized.

Feriel Bahloul

Germany-based aviation journalist and Airways Magazine's social media team member.

John Huston

John Huston is a marketer, writer, and videographer who's always loved planes. Based in Atlanta, GA, U.S.

Joshua Eldridge

Canada-based pilot and aviation student majoring in airline and airport management.

Joshua Kupietzky

Chicago-based Joshua Kupietzky has a passion for aviation and deep expertise in the airline industry.

Lorne Philpot

South Africa-based aviation journalist who writes about airlines, routes, networks, new developments.

Marty Basaria

Long-time aviation enthusiast based in Boston, USA. Loves traveling, reading, and taking photos.

Marrit Gorter

Airbus 320 First Officer. mother, aviation geek and insider. Based in Malmok, Aruba.

Noam Ismaaili-Erny

Aviation enthusiast and private pilot student, I am fascinated by the aviation industry.

Sam Jakobi

Sam Jakobi is a young aviation enthusiast based in London, UK.

Fabrizio Spicuglia

Published aviation photographer and writer at Airways Magazine. Based in Valencia, Spain.

Rohan Anand

Aviation analyst | Manager @ Huron | Airways Podcast Co-Founder | AWS and Analytics Integration

Chris Sloan

Aviation journalist, TV producer and founder of The Airchive.

Tantawat Homhuan

Tantawat has had a deep-rooted interest in commercial aviation since a young age. He writes flight reviews and accounts of aviation history.

Taylor Beall

Aerospace Engineer | Aviation Safety | Materials and Processes | Structural Engineer | Based in Hamburg, Germany

Tom Lutzy

Avgeek since I was eight years old. Also a grammar geek and former English teacher.

Vinay Bhaskara

Co-founder and Co-host of the Airways Podcast.

Brooks Baker

US-based Private Pilot and Aviation Author who loves early morning approaches to minimums.

Winifred Itungu

A proficient writer, social media manager, and educator.

Enrique Perrella

Dynamic aviation editor and publisher with over 16 years of journalistic experience.

Ben Wang

Aerospace engineer by day, freelance photographer, and writer by night.

Edwin NG

Aviation enthusiast based in Dallas, Flying regularly since 1998.

Mario Bertoletti

Worked as Station Manager for over 30 years with Alitalia in eight different countries. Retired since 1994.

Brandon Farris

Director Of Photography at Airways.

Shyam VimalKumar

Aviation enthusiast currently pursuing a PhD in Aerodynamics and wind energy in Italy.

Lorenzo Giacobbo

Airways Photographer. AW249 Experimental Line Electrician.

Juan José de Gouveia

Commercial Pilot | Airways Social Media Coordinator | Insatiable AvGeek since 1990

Matteo Legnani

Commercial aviation expert & writer.