Publishing a Global Review of Commercial Flight for 30 years

Since 1994, Airways has been among the world’s leading commercial aviation publications, distributed through newsstands in North America and 35 countries worldwide, and subscribers in more than 60 countries.

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texas, Airways has gained a global reputation for its authoritative and often-provocative articles, insider knowledge, international outlook, and wide scope of its coverage always complemented by first-class photography.

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Airways has published over 300 issues. As our name suggests, we connect the globe through invisible lines in the sky, and after almost three decades of constant publication, Airways continues to reinvent itself with a new image, edge, and one of America’s top commercial aviation portals.

Airways, 30 Years On

Today, we are more than just a magazine and a news site; we are the last-standing commercial aviation magazine in North America.

Our readership is composed of aviation professionals, enthusiasts, historians, commercial pilots and industry-related individuals. We are finding new ways to connect our loyal readers to an industry that speaks for itself, carefully crafting stories and reviews that offer depth and insight—all to stage what literally flies the world. That’s Airways. There’s so much to see, fly, and conquer.