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What we look for

We look for commercial aviation enthusiasts who know the industry and can develop and write incisive and engaging articles.

We expect our writers to produce short-form content for daily news items and longer-form analyses, deep dives, and industry-related interviews.

What we offer

Writers who contribute to the Airways newsdesk get the opportunity to be featured in one of the industry's leading online sources of daily aviation news with an ever-growing global reach.

They also have a complimentary subscription to our Airways Digital Suite, granted once the they stay active for at least three consecutive months.

More importantly, writers are assured that their time at Airways will be an enriching experience while working in a friendly and fast-paced environment, all the while making lifelong AV friends.


  • Staff writers who cover special aviation events have their travel expenses covered.
  • Content produced for print and special online reports are compensated.
  • Staff writers have full access to and

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Become an Airways Photographer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff photographer for Airways! We pride ourselves in having a team of photographers representing a diverse aviation community.

Airways photographers are among the best in the field, and we are always looking to expand our talent to new levels. Apart from joining a world-renowned aviation publication, being a part of our team brings lots of perks.

First and foremost, you will work with some of the finest aviation photographers in the field. Airways photographers are prioritized for photos showcased in our digital platforms and print editions. Airways Staff Photographers have the opportunity to cover key industry events.


Q: Requirements to join the Airways Photography team?
A: We consider the quality of pictures and seek individuals thriving in a professional environment.

Q: Is this a paid position?
A: Currently, this position is unpaid for photos published online. We do, however, compensate photographers for photos published in print. All photographers will receive a complimentary digital subscription to the print magazine.

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