Air New Zealand, Eviation Ink Deal for NextGen Aircraft Program

Air New Zealand is the first national flag carrier to sign a letter of intent to purchase the Alice all-electric aircraft.



December 14, 2022

DALLAS — Air New Zealand (NZ) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for up to 23 aircraft as part of its Mission NextGen Aircraft program, according to all-electric aircraft maker Eviation.

As part of its plan to lead the introduction of zero-emission aircraft, the airline is the first national flag carrier to sign a letter of intent to purchase Alice aircraft.

The nine-seater is the first all-electric commuter aircraft to have successfully completed a flight, and it is expected to usher in a new era of environmentally friendly, economical, and practical aviation.

In comparison to light jets or high-end turboprops, the aircraft has a significantly lower operating cost per flight hour, according to Eviation.

Two of the magni650 electric propulsion units power Alice. Created by the manufacturer of electric propulsion systems, magniX, the units have successfully completed flights.

Air New Zealand's Mission NextGen Aircraft program was announced last month with the goal of accelerating the adoption of zero-emission aircraft. NZ aims to perform its first zero-emissions flight in 2026.

Alice's first flight. Photo: Eviation

Comments from Air New Zealand, Eviation

"Regional flights make up a sizeable proportion of Air New Zealand's routes. The Alice offers an effective way to decarbonize these journeys, revolutionizing air travel and supporting the goals of the Mission NextGen Aircraft program," said Gregory Davis, President and CEO of Eviation.

"New Zealand has earned a proud reputation for its progressive attitude and wide-ranging policies towards the climate challenge. The Alice is a beautiful aircraft that will delight airline operators and passengers. Seeing it soar through the skies of New Zealand is a magical prospect, and I pay tribute to Air New Zealand's commitment to innovation and sustainability."

"This endorsement from a national flag carrier shows how the Alice has captured the imagination of the marketplace," said Eddie Jaisaree, Vice President, Commercial Sales at Eviation.

"New Zealand has just experienced its warmest, wettest winter on record. As the impacts of climate change become more apparent and efforts to regulate aviation's carbon emissions intensify, we are excited for how the Alice will help Air New Zealand to lead the airline industry into a sustainable future."

You can read all about Alice's first flight below.

Featured image: Eviation