British Airways to Live Stream Queen's Funeral

The UK flag carrier will allow customers to watch the Queen's state funeral in real time.



September 18, 2022

DALLAS - British Airways (BA) is to live stream the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, September 19. The screening will take place on all aircraft fitted with WiFi. The usual fees for the service will be wavered so that customers can watch one of the most significant state funerals in UK history in real-time.

Staff and passengers will also be asked to participate in two 'Moments of National Reflection' moments. The first will occur on Sunday, September 18, at 20:00 local time with a minute's silence. The second, two-minute silence will take place during Monday's funeral. BA has said that it will suspend cabin services during this time.

Passengers will be able to watch the funeral in real time on all aircraft fitted with WiFi. Photo: British Airways.

On the Ground

Passengers passing through the airline's London Heathrow Airport (LHR) base will be asked to participate in the national silence. LHR will also show the funeral on screens throughout its terminal buildings.

Meanwhile, on the airfield, aircraft will be barred from taking off or landing during these moments of reflection and held on taxiways.

The day of the funeral will see the country ground to a halt after an unplanned bank holiday was announced. BA has already canceled around 100 flights in preparation and rescheduled many services to ensure minimal operations around the time of the funeral. At LHR, all non-essential shops will be closed.

Featured Image: British Airways Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner (G-ZBLB). Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways.