Bamboo Airways to Launch Cargo Unit

Bamboo Airways (QH) is to set up a new cargo unit to cash in on Vietnam's growing manufacturing market.



January 6, 2023

DALLAS - Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways (QH) is creating its own cargo subsidiary, Bamboo Airways Cargo (BAC).

In a statement released by the airline, it said, “This is the airline’s latest movement in the overall strategy to build an aviation ecosystem, develop Bamboo Airways’ member companies, and create more favorable conditions for the airline to thrive in the coming time.”

Funding for the new cargo unit will be sourced from QH plus three other shareholders. Bamboo’s Executive Vice Chairman and Deputy General Director, Doan Huu Doan, will become BAC’s Chairman, while QH director Nguyen Khac Hai has been named Chief Executive. No further details have been released, such as fleet plans and launch dates.

No details have been released regarding the cargo units fleet plans. Photo: Airbus.

Growing Cargo Market

Several other carriers have recently expressed interest in establishing cargo units in the country. In September 2022, Vietravel Airlines (VU) announced its intention to launch VUAir Cargo.

However, in October, Vietnam’s IPP Air Cargo announced that it was abandoning its launch plans citing concerns over weakening demand for air cargo, a challenging economic outlook and “global turmoil.”

Featured Image: Bamboo Airways Boeing 787-9 (VN-818). Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways.