Boeing Confirms Aircraft Showcase for Paris Air Show

Boeing has confirmed the aircraft that will represent the American manufacturer at the 2023 Paris Air Show.



June 12, 2023

DALLAS — The most anticipated aviation event of the year in Europe is just around the corner. The 2023 edition of the Paris Air Show returns after a 4-year break, and for the occasion, the most significant aircraft companies will exhibit their most ambitious and promising projects.

First up is Boeing, which has confirmed that it will bring to the Salon du Bourget two of its latest aircraft products: the Boeing 737-10 from the MAX family jets, and the Boeing 777-9X, the successor of the world's most successful twin-engine widebody aircraft.

Dr. Brendan Nelson, president of Boeing Global, said, "As our industry returns to Le Bourget, we look forward to joining our customers, suppliers, and partners at a time when commercial air travel demand is surging and defense platforms are more critical to global security. We will continue to collaborate around the globe to support aviation’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050."

Boasting optimal performance in terms of passenger comfort and fuel efficiency, Boeing will present the MAX and 777X aircraft to new potential customers as concerns for carbon emissions and fuel prices keep pushing carriers to renew their current aircraft fleets.

In the single-aisle category, Boeing will be present at the Paris Air Show with the longest MAX jet; the 737-10. Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways

Higher Capacity with the Boeing 737-10

With a maximum seating capacity of 230 passengers and a consolidated range of 3.100 nautical miles, the longest member of the MAX family; the Boeing 737-10, is still aiming for its final certification processes to end while still being showcased and sold to the world commercial airlines.

As of 2023, the Boeing 737-10 has collected orders from airlines all around the globe, from small airlines like Ukrainian SkyUp (PQ) to the US giant Delta Air Lines (DL), which expects to take delivery of 100 units in the coming years. As well, as recently as last month, low-cost carrier Ryanair (FR) announced the purchase of 150 units of the longest variant with another 150 optional.

Despite the good marketing results for the Boeing 737-10, the aircraft factory is struggling to complete the certification process of the type and does not expect to have it done before the first half of 2023. Moreover, it declared that the shorter 737-7 will end up being certified first.

Despite the big delays, Boeing is still confident about the soon certification of its largest twin-engine jet, the Boeing 777-9X. Photo: Nick Sheeder/Airways

The Ambitious Boeing 777-9 Project

Along with the 737-10, Boeing will also bring to Le Bourget the largest and most efficient twin-engine aircraft: the Boeing 777-9. This engineering marble announced as the successor of the current 777 series, will also be presented to the public again to look for new customers to trust in the project despite the horrible delays that have already stained the aircraft development.

Incorporating the advanced avionics, fuel-efficient aerodynamics, and outstanding passenger comfort from the Dreamliner, the Boeing 777X is set to revolutionize the long-haul market with the introduction of two variants: the 777-8 carrying 395 passengers up to 8.745 nautical miles, and the 777-9 carrying 426 passengers up to 7.285 nautical miles.

Along with the passenger variants, Boeing also is producing the cargo version of the jet and promoting its corporate capabilities, especially for the longer range of the 777-8. Despite this, the continuous delays in certification and production, not having delivered a single unit since 2020, make it very difficult to see its commercial introduction before 2025.

Other Boeing Aircraft Present at the Show

While the Boeing 737-10 and 777-9X will be of course the main attractions at the 2023 Paris Air Show from the Boeing side, these will not be the only aircraft built by the manufacturer that will be showcasing themselves for aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

One of the most exciting showups at the event will be the arrival of the first Riyadh Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft that has recently received its first unique indigo livery.

The airplane, which today flew from Charleston to Riyadh on its national demonstration flight, will be displayed only statically at the show, as the airline advertises its ambitious plans for its Dreamliner fleet, expected to be operational in 2025.

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Featured image: Luca Flores/Airways