Emirates Adds Premium Economy Seats on Flights to India

Emirates (EK) will introduce its premium economy retrofitted A380s on flights to Mumbai (BOM) and Bangalore (BLR).



June 14, 2023

DALLAS - Emirates (EK) has announced it will begin operating retrofitted four-class Airbus A380 aircraft to Mumbai (BOM) and Bangalore (BLR) starting October 29. These retrofitted aircraft provide options for newer premium economy seats with greater legroom and comfort.

Both cities represent EK's most popular Indian routes, BOM being one of the first to receive service from the airline in 1985. The newest premium economy layout will be available on EK500 and EK501 between Dubai (DXB) and BOM. EK568 and EK569 will offer this product between DXB and BLR. Each A380 consists of 56 premium economy seats.

EK currently holds a share of 9.5% of international passenger traffic in India, competing with dominant carriers Air India (AI) and Jet Airways (9W). Offering premium products, including premium economy, will not anticipate a strengthened presence internationally but will also create an edge over such airlines.

Emirates Airbus A380. Photo: Brandon Siska/Airways

Features of EK's Premium Economy Product

etrofit their Boeing 777 and A380, the carrier plans to spend approximately US$2Bn in renovations. Premium economy seats were completely redesigned, now posing as competition among business class products of other carriers.

In addition to extended legroom and more cushioned seats, this cabin has a more advanced dining experience from seasonal menus. Meals are served on china tableware and steel cutlery. Additionally, customers will be offered a wide selection of wine and liquors.

EK's entertainment system has undergone refurbishment, now giving customers access to a 13.3-inch TV. These screens include functions that enable travelers to connect wireless headphones through Bluetooth, all with thousands of movies, TV shows, and songs to choose from. Wi-Fi systems were renewed, resulting in a faster and more efficient network in the skies.

Emirates Premium Economy cabin. Photo: Emirates.

Comfort is significantly appealing to fliers: in addition to soft, cream-colored seats, leg rests are cushioned, and headrests are easily maneuverable. Each traveler is provided with an amenity kit for every flight, along with a blanket. Finally, large pillows lie on every premium economy seat. Each of these components has significantly improved following EK's cabin update.

While EK's refurbishment process still has a long way to go, passengers are already intrigued by the new product the A380 has to offer. The airline expects a significant increase in comfort and space for each passenger, ensuring a more enjoyable flight and flights with retrofitted cabins now operate across multiple continents, carrying thousands of passengers.


Featured image: A6-EVH, EMIRATES AIRBUS A380-800, KLAX LAX. Photo: Yifei Yu/Airways