Ethiopian Airlines Relocates Mexican Cargo Flights

Ethiopian Cargo is the latest carrier to move its operations from Mexico City International Airport to Felipe Angeles International Airport.



September 6, 2023

DALLAS – Ethiopian Cargo (ET) has transitioned its operations from Mexico City International Airport (MEX) to the newly established Felipe Angeles International Airport (NLU) in Mexico City.

This move was prompted by a Mexican government mandate requiring freighter operators to relocate to the new airport to alleviate congestion at MEX. As part of the transition, Ethiopian Cargo now has access to a state-of-the-art cargo terminal equipped with advanced technology and modern facilities.

The airline's CEO, Mesfin Tasew, expressed excitement about this move, stating that it opens up new possibilities for the airline.

According to, ET will operate flights to NLU twice a week using its Boeing 777Fs. The original deadline for freighter airlines to transition to the new airport was mid-July, but it was later extended to September to address concerns about the short notice period and the readiness of the new airport.

Back in February, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced an agreement with airlines to relocate cargo operations from MEX to NLU. The president's official website confirmed that the voluntary transfer of airlines would lead to increased flights at AIFA and reduced congestion at Benito Juarez.

Ethiopian Cargo served MEX for six years.

Featured image: Ethiopian Cargo ET-AWE Boeing 777F. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways