Ferrovial Vertiports to Move Headquarters to Irving, Texas

Ferrovial Vertiports is set to announce the selection of Irving, Texas, for its global headquarters.



February 24, 2023

DALLAS – Ferrovial Vertiports is set to announce the selection of Irving, Texas, for its global headquarters. According to the company, its leadership team includes former aviation officials from the North Texas area.

Ferrovial Vertiports CEO Kevin Cox, a former American Airlines (AA) executive and current member of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee (AAAC), serves as a thought leader on the future of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and the infrastructure needed to support this type of air travel.

With more than thirty years of experience in the aviation sector, Cox leads the new business area in the development of vertiport networks for the operation and maintenance of passenger services of electrical jet aircraft.

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Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the use of small, highly automated aircraft to carry passengers or cargo at lower altitudes in urban and suburban areas which enables more efficient, affordable, and sustainable transportation.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is an air transportation system that moves people and cargo quickly, safely, and cost-effectively over medium to long distances, primarily within metropolitan areas. It is enabled by new aircraft technologies, such as eVTOL aircraft and other advanced technology and autonomous systems.

AAM is expected to revolutionize urban transportation, allowing people and goods to move quickly and efficiently in cities and metropolitan regions.

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Vertiports are the basic enablers of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility (UAM/AAM), facilitating the movement of people and goods more rapidly and efficiently than traditional transport infrastructures.

Ferrovial Vertiports' mission is to become a leading developer and operator of agnostic and sustainable vertiport networks to meet the coming mobility demands.

Stay tuned to Airways for news from Ferrovial Vertiports as it expands its footprint across the US.

Featured image: Marina Vertiport. Render: Ferrovial Vertiports