Munich Airport Security Staff Strike

Security staff at Munich Airport have this morning staged a five-hour walkout.



March 10, 2023

DALLAS - Security staff from SGM, who are members of the German trade union Verdi, staged a walkout this morning, Friday, March 10. The strike was announced yesterday, with staff downing tools for five hours between 0500 to 1000 local time.

SGM handles passenger and hand baggage security searches at the country's second busiest airport Munich (MUC). 

Around 100 employees were due on shift during this period and were expected to attend the rally. Passengers were warned of extended wait times and to get to the airport early to mitigate the longer wait times. Flight cancellations were not expected.

LH A320 at MUC. Photo: Lufthansa Group.

Ongoing Negotiations

The strike follows several walkouts by Verdi members in February. The union demands a wage increase of 10.5%, equating to at least an extra €500 per month for every employee. According to Verdi, ongoing negotiations have been unsuccessful. 

German flag carrier Lufthansa (LH), the airport's biggest operator, was most affected by the industrial action. Domestic passengers who want to fly within Germany were advised to switch to train. Otherwise, passengers would be allowed to rebook from another Lufthansa hub. This applies to all airlines of the Lufthansa Group. 

Manuela Dietz from Verdi Bayern asked affected passengers to be understanding of the situation, "Especially in times of high inflation, from which the lower and middle incomes are particularly affected, there must be a clear compensation." 

Meanwhile, Verdi shop steward Sepp Winderl added, "The statement made by an employer representative at the negotiating table that nobody has to live in Munich if it's too expensive for them, we find to be pure cheek. We like living here and want to continue to take our passengers safely to your holiday destination!"

Featured Image: Munich Airport. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.