The New Dash-8 Turboprop Freighters

As more of the larger jets are witnessing freighter conversion programs, the smaller turboprops are following suit.



July 18, 2022

FARNBOROUGH - As more of the larger jets are witnessing freighter conversion programs, the smaller turboprops are following suit. ATR brought about its ATR 72F freighter some months ago, and now Bombardier has unveiled three options for its best-selling Dash-8 turboprop.

Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President Programs, De Havilland Canada, said, “As the cargo market continues to grow, our cargo conversion solutions will easily enhance the overall value and extend the already high revenue-generating capabilities of the Dash 8-400 aircraft."

"De Havilland Canada will offer the three launched cargo conversion solutions through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Service Bulletins approved by Transport Canada, and we are ready to provide a wide range of OEM support as desired by our operators – from kit installation to on-site support through our global support infrastructure."

“Several built-in attributes of the Dash 8-400 aircraft, including its outstanding airfield accessibility, hot-and-high performance, range up to 1,640 nm and long structural life, position it very well for cargo operations, and its low noise and CO2 emissions mean that it’s also an environmentally responsible choice," added Mr. Côté.

Images: De Havilland Canada

Dash-8 Freighters in Detail

  1. Dash 8-400 Quick Change (Dash 8-400 QC): The Quick Change model allows a rapid conversion between the passenger and cargo configurations. This allows an operator to operate both kinds of service in the same aircraft, thereby generating two streams of income through dynamic operations. The cabin also features a new smoke detection system in the cabin to convert it into a Class E compartment. No attendants are required in the cabin for cargo flights.
  2. Dash 8-400 Package Freighter (Dash 8-400 PF): The Package Freighter allows the transport of bulk loads of various sizes of cargo. There are nine zones in total, with eight spike nets to secure the cargo. Besides the main cargo door, there are four additional doors to speed up loading and unloading. The model works great for e-commerce-based delivery.
  3. Dash 8-400 Freighter with Large Cargo Door (Dash 8-400 F-LCD): The last variant seems like the real freighter of the pack thanks to its large cargo door (LCD). To support this, there’s also a cargo loading system that moves and facilitates the ULD pallets. The largo door allows the type to accommodate the LD1, LD2, LD3, and LD4 cargo containers. So, if the model is ideal for transferring containers of the above types from larger jets, perhaps through a hub and spoke model.

Featured image: De Havilland Canada