This Is the World's Fastest Passenger Jet

Is this Bombardier's masterpiece? Say hello to the fastest passenger jet since Concorde.



May 26, 2022

DALLAS - Earlier this week, Bombardier unveiled its masterpiece, the fastest passenger jet since Concorde. During its test runs, the new Global 8000 aircraft passed the sound barrier.

So to speak, with the likes of Boom Supersonic in the commercial arena, the race to resume supersonic or near-supersonic flight seems to be back.

Bombardier President and CEO, Éric Martel, stated, "Bombardier solidifies once more its position as the leader in business aviation with the newest member of the industry-leading Global family."

Martel added that the Global 8000 aircraft leveraged "the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era."

Image Bombardier

The Aircraft Itself

Besides being the world's fastest the Global 8000 aircraft will also be the world’s longest-range business jet, with a range of 8,000 miles, allowing it to link city pairs like Singapore to Los Angeles and London to Perth.

This swift jet can seat up to 19 passengers and has a top speed of Mach 0.94 and is expected to hit the market in 2025 according to a release from Bombardier. In May last year, a Global 7500 test vehicle broke the sound barrier during a demonstration, achieving speeds of more than Mach 1.015 which was also escorted by a NASA F/A-18. Bombardier also proudly stated during the demonstration flight that it became the first passenger plane to fly supersonically with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Supersonic travel has two main drawbacks: it burns too much fuel and it emits too much CO in proportion. Today, the liberty to burn fuel like back in the day with Concorde is simply not an option.

The Global 8000s development is going to plan. What about some competition? Gulfstream is all eyes on its G800 which promises a range of 8000 miles too with a top speed of Mach 0.925, just shy of the Global 8000.

Image Bombardier

Inside the Cabin

The interior is divided into four spacious suites—one of which is the Principle Suite, with a full-size bed, and an en-suite that is equipped with a standup shower. Bombardier's Pũr Air system is designed to deliver the cleanest cabin air.

The cockpit is a proven Bombardier Vision flight deck with fly-by-wire technology. The aircraft is constantly connected and linked to a service unit that allows engineers and techies to inspect, repai,r or maintain the aircraft just after a flight.

Image Bombardier

Bombardier also announced the type would cost US$78m, US$3m higher than the Global 7500.

While the Global 8000 will still cruise sub-sonic, in the near future, all eyes are on Boom Supersonic, which has secured an order for 15 jets from United Airlines (UA).

Will the new type influence commercial aviation, giving Boom and other modern supersonic commercial forays a run for their money? Be sure to leave your comments in our social media channels.

Featured image: Global 8000. Photo: Bombardier