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ATR Unveils HighLine All-Business Interior Design

DALLAS — In an announcement at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024, ATR revealed the advanced design of its new All-Business Class configuration, part of the ATR HighLine cabin collection.

This development comes just a year after ATR introduced its high-end cabin configurations, aimed at enhancing the in-flight experience for business aviation, commercial airlines, charters, and more.

ATR HighLine Cabin, ETEREA Business Seats

The ATR HighLine cabin can be retrofitted or installed as new, providing versatility for various aviation needs. One of the standout features of the HighLine cabin is its wider cross-section compared to private jets, which not only enhances passenger comfort but also contributes to a 45% reduction in fuel consumption. This makes the cabin an ideal fit for short regional routes where efficiency is paramount.

The new All-Business Class configuration features a unique 1-1 layout, offering spacious individual business seats with direct window views and aisle access. Named ‘ETEREA’, these tailor-made seats have been designed and crafted by Geven, providing ample legroom, recline, and a generous width of 21.6 inches. Each seat includes a personal side console that serves as both a table and stowage compartment, made possible by the ATR's wider cross-section.

“The ETEREA business seat has been designed exclusively for ATR by Geven. It will fit ATR’s standard seat rails for simplified aircraft customization and retrofit. Passengers will experience a truly elevated journey from takeoff to touchdown, bringing regional aviation to new heights,” said Zuzana Hrnkova, ATR’s Vice-President Marketing.

The All-Business Class configuration includes several options, such as an executive ceiling through the removal of overhead bins, USB A+C charging ports, in-flight entertainment, high-speed internet access, and high-quality material finishes.

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Configurations, Customizations, Launch

During AIX 2023, ATR unveiled five configurations of the HighLine cabin. Notably, the ATR 72 with the HighLine Multi-Class configuration is positioned as a potential replacement for the CRJ200 in the USA. This configuration includes a Premium Flex interior, akin to what JSX offers on the ERJ.

An undisclosed customer has already received a HighLine multi-section cabin featuring a VIP front section and a conventional 2-by-2 rear seating arrangement. For those seeking bespoke solutions, the HighLine bespoke VIP configuration offers full customizability to meet specific client needs.

Malaysia-based airline Berjaya Air (J8) will be the launch customer for the new All-Business Class configuration, deploying its two customized ATR 72-600 HighLine All-Business Class aircraft from 2025 to serve the group’s numerous luxury hotels and resorts. The modification on Berjaya Air’s aircraft will be executed through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

“This new luxury shuttle configuration will redefine corporate and semi-private travels with an elevated guest experience without compromising on sustainability. The ATR HighLine cabin collection is designed to offer unparalleled comfort, luxury, and convenience whilst benefitting from the remarkable fuel efficiency of the turboprop technology,” added Zuzana Hrnkova.

Image: ATR

Environmental, Economic Impact

The introduction of the Lilium Jet is expected to significantly enhance the transportation infrastructure in the French Riviera, providing a sustainable and time-efficient alternative to traditional travel methods. UrbanV’s vertiports will play a crucial role in this transformation, offering sustainable ground infrastructure to ensure safe and seamless operations.

ATR says this development is not only a leap towards environmental sustainability but also a boost to the region's appeal as a premier tourist and business destination.

Once operational, the regional network will offer fast, safe, and sustainable travel options, drastically reducing travel time compared to car journeys. This initiative underscores the potential of eVTOL technology to revolutionize regional air mobility, setting a precedent for similar developments across Europe and beyond.

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