Featured image: Zoom! Airlines

Avi8 Air Capital CEO launches Zoom! Airlines

DALLAS — Ed Wegel, the founder and CEO of Avi8 Air Capital, announced the upcoming launch of Zoom! Airlines via his LinkedIn account on May 12, 2024. The new airline will initially operate a fleet of Embraer E190 and E195 aircraft, with plans to acquire Airbus A220s in the future.

"The E1 gives us great range with an excellent engine type- the GE 34- . We have decided to go with the name Zoom!" say Wegel.

Zoom! Airlines will work in collaboration with UrbanLink Air Mobility, an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) startup. This partnership aims to connect passengers from urban centers to airports and source pilots "who will start with 500 hours" for the airline's operations.

Mr. Wegel brings experience to Zoom! Airlines, having previously served as the CEO of Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX) and currently holding the position of founder and chairman at UrbanLink Air Mobility.

The launch of Zoom! Airlines introduces a new player in the aviation industry, offering a combination of regional aircraft and potential future integration with eVTOL technology. The airline aims to provide efficient and convenient travel options for its customers, while leveraging its partnership with UrbanLink Air Mobility to streamline operations and expand its reach.

A week ago, Wegel announced the launch of UrbanLink Air Mobility with new partners at Lilium Jet to be the first e-vtol operator in the US.

"This is close to being my last rodeo (AirFlo and the Airbus A220s are still coming!)- and maybe the most important one ever- as we work to commercialize the new electric vtol technology to help slow down the climate effects of air travel," Wegel wrote.

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