Featured image: Noah Pitkin/Airways

Qantas Diverts Perth-London London Route

DALLAS — Qantas (QF) has made a significant decision to divert its flight from London to Perth, a route that has been in operation for years, due to the escalating tensions in the Middle East and the potential threat of an Iranian attack on Israel.

The airline has chosen to reroute its flights from Perth to the north of Iran. With the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, this route is only now possible if taking a stop, so the new flight, QF209, stops in Singapore. 

However, the Sydney-based carrier has decided to maintain the direct return journey from London to Perth. This flight, which flies south of Iran and over Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is possible due to the slight decrease in fuel burn when flying east, thanks to jetstreams. This strategic decision by Qantas is aimed at ensuring the safety and comfort of its passengers. 

The decision comes after months of conflict between Israel and Gaza, prompting threats from Iran to escalate the conflict. While many nations, including Australia and the US, have been in talks with Iran to prevent an attack, the situation remains unpredictable, and so many nations are on High alert. 

The Australian flag carrier isn’t the only airline taking precautions against Iran. Lufthansa (LH) decided earlier this week not to resume flights to the nation’s capital, Tehran. 

A Qantas spokesperson told The Guardian they would “reach out to customers directly if their booking had been affected. ” The carrier claimed that no flights had been canceled or paused because of the matter.