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Alaska, Hawaiian Airlines DOJ Merger Decision Set for August

DALLAS — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has a deadline of August 5 to make a decision on the proposed merger between Alaska Airlines (AS) and Hawaiian Airlines (HA).

According to a document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the airlines confirmed on May 7 that they have substantially complied with the DOJ's "second request" received on February 7.

This compliance triggered the 90-day waiting period for the finalization of the agreement, as agreed upon with the DOJ on March 27. If the DOJ completes its investigation before the end of the waiting period the merger may be approved earlier.

The proposed AS-HA merger has faced the usual pushback when it comes to airline mergers, including a consumer lawsuit alleging that the merger will lead to higher ticket prices, staff layoffs, and fewer flights.

Antitrust issues aside, both airlines have emphasized that they have been working cooperatively with the DOJ throughout the process and remain committed to gaining approval for the merger.

This merger promises benefits for travelers, as it could unlock more destinations and expand air service options throughout the Pacific region. The merger would also create a combined company that maintains both airline brands, while operating under a single rewards program and collective-bargaining agreements for their respective unions.

The featured image shows N392HA, a HA Airbus A330-200 along with two AS Boeing 737 aircraft sitting at the B gates at SeaTac (SEA).

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