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Top Commercial Aviation Podcasts to Follow in 2024

DALLAS — Writing for The Guardian in February 2004, journalist Ben Hammersley suggested the term "podcasting" as a name for the then-nascent technology. Since then, podcasts have swept across every industry today, captivating more listeners as time goes on. 

The commercial aviation sector is not exempt from the podcasting revolution. Aviation podcasts are a fantastic way to get insider knowledge from industry experts discussing and offering their opinions about current events in commercial aviation. 

We have selected some of the best and most popular aviation podcasts in no particular order.

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The Air Up There

The Federal Aviation Administration (USA) invites those curious about the world of aviation to tune in to their podcast. Rotating hosts add a great sense of diversity in content and conversation. 

Listeners are guided through a broad range of topics in each episode, including the future of flight, drones, and ways to make the National Airspace System safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Cancelled for Maintenance Podcast

Cancelled for Maintenance is a weekly podcast that focuses on the careers of aerospace technicians and mechanics and the technical aspects of aerospace maintenance. 

Although some episodes do not directly relate to aviation, they can help one choose a worthwhile career path.

AviaDev Insight Africa

Jon Howell hosts the first thought-provoking and comprehensive podcast about African aviation, AviaDev Insight Africa. On average, three podcasts are released monthly, with episodes varying in length. 

To educate people about what is happening in Africa, Jon is frequently joined by influential aviation professionals such as CEOs and journalists. 

The podcast offers a comprehensive overview of everything from deep dives on air route developments to events that have happened or are still to happen. You can trust this podcast for general information about African aviation.

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The SWAPA Number

This podcast, produced by the union that represents Southwest Airlines (WN) pilots, is devoted to providing the general public with information about the benefits and working policies that impact pilots. 

This podcast discusses various topics related to the statistics of Southwest Airlines pilot updates, facts, and plans for all situations a pilot may encounter, including retirement or continued service. 

Their brief description clarifies that the number discussed explains a scheduling metric, company financial number, or anything of significant value that matters to or affects Southwest pilots. This podcast, usually lasting 27 minutes, is produced every two weeks.

AvTalk Aviation Podcast from Flightradar24

Every Friday, co-hosts Ian Petchenik, Jason Rabinowitz, and Gabriel Leigh discuss the latest news, trends, updates, and hot topics from across the world of aviation. 

The podcast has found its stride in the time it has taken to amass almost 260 episodes, and the efforts made to make content accessible to avgeeks and intro-level enthusiasts alike have secured the podcast a loyal following.

The hosts facilitate an easy-to-follow conversation that appeals to both newcomers to the aviation industry and those who have been following them for years.

The Finer Points

The Finer Points is an educational aviation podcast hosted by Jason Miller, an award-winning certified flight instructor (CFI) with over 20 years of experience. He was named FAA Wester Pacific CFI of the Year in 2009 and 2016 and is an Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Air Safety Institute instructor.

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Non-Rev Lounge

The podcast's hosts, Monique, Lara, and Tyler, are gate agents, flight attendants, and rampers. They share their non-rev travel experiences, making it attractive for frequent travelers and anyone curious about how airline employees use their time when traveling. 

In the 170+ episodes, they invite guests to share trips and tips for staff and non-rev travelers.

Window Seat Podcast

This podcast covers various air travel-related topics, but it primarily focuses on interviews with airline CEOs and other industry professionals to better understand fleet plans, possible joint ventures, and ongoing problems in the commercial aviation sector.

The Airline Geeks Podcast aims to explore and cultivate one's passion for aviation while educating and informing listeners. The conversation can cover anything from airlines to ticket pricing to other subjects, depending on who is invited.

Bryan Air

Broadcasting live from Johannesburg, South Africa, co-hosts Bryan Roseveare and Ryan Parrock deliver traditional aviation flight deck banter alongside the most prevalent news stories affecting global airlines and related travel sectors. 

Both hosts have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the aviation industry; the podcast is a testament to that. Listeners will enjoy learning helpful productivity tips for pilots and hearing all the latest insights from the industry.

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Airline Pilot Guy

Airline Pilot Guy is a twice-monthly podcast highlighting pilots' perspectives and insights and discussing various aviation-related topics. On average, a single episode lasts three hours. 

Aerospace Engineering Podcast

As the bio states, “The Aerospace Engineering Podcast features conversations with engineers and researchers in industry and academia to reveal their fascinating real-world stories of innovation and provide a glimpse into the industry's future by discussing cutting-edge research and promising new technologies.” 

Unfortunately, this podcast was last updated in 2021, but you can still listen to all past episodes.

Pilot to Pilot – Aviation Podcast

The Pilot to Pilot podcast aspires to inspire and encourage aviators and aviation enthusiasts. Pilot and host Justin Siems started the podcast after his wife suggested he find a way to give back to the aviation community and encourage fellow pilots to achieve their dreams.

Listeners praise this podcast for introducing them to topics that mean the most to present and future aviators and for the opportunity to hear from real pilots working in various aviation industry sectors.

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Aviation Careers Podcast 

This podcast is self-explanatory. This is specific to the dot for those interested in careers in aviation. 

This podcast has everything you need if you are thinking about changing careers, advancing your aviation career, beginning an aviation career later in life, deciding which degree to pursue, and looking into aviation careers after college. 

Aviation Week’s Check 6 Podcast

When looking for deep-dived viewpoints about the week’s commercial aviation news and space technology as a topic, this is the go-to podcast.

With over a hundred episodes, the podcast hosts delve into aerospace and defense issues.

“There I Was…” An Aviation Podcast

According to its description, the podcast is “presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute and invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them.” pilots share their flying experiences and safety procedures. 

It is fascinating and entertaining to hear from seasoned pilots about how they have managed the most trying circumstances they have encountered throughout their careers, including electrical failure, malfunctioning autopilot, lousy weather, engine failure, and living with the aftermath of an aircraft accident.

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Squawk 7000 Podcast

The Squawk 7000 podcast was launched in December 2000 by Boeing 737 Pilot and aviation training expert Mark Dwyer. 

The show is co-produced by broadcaster and aviator Michael Comyn, and it has grown to become a must-listen source of global, regional, and local aviation news for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in Ireland.

Airline Weekly Lounge podcast

Weekly predictions of what the market will hold and offer are the main topics of discussion at the Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, along with updates on the business and operations side of airlines. 

The podcast also discusses growth and decline, statistics, and financial gains and losses.

The Air Show

The newest entry in the world of aviation podcasting, The Air Show is a podcast about what goes on in the business of the sky, hosted by three top industry reporters/commentators: Jon Ostrower of The Air Current, Brian Sumers of The Airline Observer, and Brett Snyder of Cranky Flier.

The Airways Podcast

Last but not least, The Airways Podcast, hosted by Airways Digital Editor Helwing Villamizar and aviation analysts Rohan Anand and Vinay Bhaskara, is a bimonthly show that covers the latest news and updates from the commercial aviation industry.

In each episode, they discuss with guests and conduct a featured interview with a notable figure in the industry to gain insights into their plans, goals, and challenges. The crew also explores industry trends and recent developments and analyzes their impact on the commercial aviation sector.

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