Featured Image: Smartlynx Airlines

Smartlynx Delivers Latin America’s First A321F

DALLAS — Smartlynx Airlines (6Y) has delivered the first Airbus A321F to Levu Air Cargo under a dry-lease agreement. The new cargo carrier became the first airline in Brazil and South America to operate the Airbus A321 freighter.

The Airbus A321-200(PCF) with registration 9H-CGD, was converted to a freighter in September 2022, and belongs to SmartLynx Malta (2N). The A321 will be registered as PS-LVU when the Brazil National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC) certifies the A321 freighter version.

The freighter will also be registered under Levu Air Cargo when the airline receives its Part 121 in June 2024. When the airline ends its certification process, it will continue working together with 6Y and DHL.

Levu Air Cargo Airbus A321F. Photo: Smartlynx Airlines

About Levu Air Cargo

Levu Air Cargo is a new Brazilian cargo airline based in Campinas (VCP) that will operate together with DHL Supply Chain in Brazil. It will also operate flights from Belem (BEL), Manaos (MAO), and Recife (RCE). 

The A321F is the first aircraft they received, and the carrier's second aircraft will be an Airbus A330. The A330 is expected to arrive at the end of 2024 which will expand the carrier's footprint to the rest of South America and Europe. 

"We specifically sought out SmartLynx due to their extensive knowledge of the aircraft as they are the biggest operator for A321F in the world today. Their partnership with DHL in Europe makes the learning curve much more efficient for us, as we will be operating for DHL's supply chain here in Brazil. This strategic decision helps us deliver top-tier performance and ensures the best results for our valuable customers,” said Rodrigo Pacheco, CEO of Levu Air Cargo.

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