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Leeds Bradford Upgrades Security Checkpoint

Dallas – Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has installed Leidos and Rohde & Schwarz security scanners that enable faster processing of departing passengers at the airport.

Current UK Department for Transport protocols, require liquids and electronic devices to be removed from cabin baggage for scanning at security checkpoints. Liquids must be placed in containers not exceeding 100ml, but an unlimited number of these containers can be taken.

Also, electronic devices must be removed from baggage in order to be scanned, a requirement that slows down the processing of passengers at security checkpoints since almost every passenger has to unpack and repack several items.

Photo: LBA

Leidos-Rohde & Schwarz Solutions

The new Leidos and Rohde & Schwarz screening technology installed at LBA enables passengers to leave both liquids and large electronic items, such as laptops, iPads and tablet devices, in their bags while passing through security.

In addition, the new screening units enhance security by detecting objects and items passengers might hide on their bodies. The passenger screening units from Rohde & Schwarz use microwave imaging technology, which helps to detect body-bound contraband and other hidden or unwanted objects.

The R&S®QPS system improves detection while reducing potential false alarms associated with existing technologies. Photo: Rohde & Schwarz

The technology enables contactless illumination of a human body with non-invasive, low-power millimeter waves to identify hidden objects between the skin and antennas.

Image: Rohde & Schwarz

Leeds Bradford Airport

LBA is located in Yeadon, in England, about 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Leeds city centre and about 9 miles (14 km) northeast from Bradford city centre. It serves Leeds and Bradford and the wider Yorkshire region. It is the largest airport in Yorkshire. The airport was under public ownership until May 2007, when it was purchased by Bridgepoint Capital.

In 2007, nearly 2.9 million passengers passed through the airport, an 88% increase in just seven years and more than twice as many compared with 1997 (1.2 million). Much of the growth in passenger numbers since 2003 has been due to the introduction of scheduled flights by the based low-cost carriers (LCCs). 

LBA handles numerous WizzAir (W6) and TUI (BY) flights to destinations in Romania and Poland. In late 2023, LBA saw the introduction of flights to two new destinations not served by the airport. Jet2 (LS) introduced flights to Agadir (AGA) and Ryanair (FR) launched flights to Marrakesh (RAK).

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