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May 2024 Airport On-Time Performance Overview

DALLAS — In part two of the May 2024 On-Time Performance (OTP) report by Cirium, the aviation analytics company outfit provides a comprehensive analysis of the punctuality of global airports, categorizing them into large, medium, and small airports based on their operational scales.

The Cirium airport report highlights key metrics such as on-time departures and arrivals, tracked flights, average departure delays, and routes served.

Photo: King Khalid International Airport

Top Performing Global Airports

1. King Khalid International Airport (RUH):

  • On-Time Departure: 88.23%
  • On-Time Arrival: 83.50%
  • Total Flights: 19,620
  • Average Departure Delay: 91 minutes
  • Routes Served: 55

2. Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL):

  • On-Time Departure: 87.97%
  • On-Time Arrival: 84.99%
  • Total Flights: 18,252
  • Average Departure Delay: 111 minutes
  • Routes Served: 37
LIM. Photo: Ministerio de Defensa del Perú/CC BY 2.0

3. Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM):

  • On-Time Departure: 86.86%
  • On-Time Arrival: 81.08%
  • Total Flights: 14,593
  • Average Departure Delay: 62 minutes
  • Routes Served: 53

4. Haneda Airport (HND):

  • On-Time Departure: 85.99%
  • On-Time Arrival: 81.51%
  • Total Flights: 40,077
  • Average Departure Delay: 99 minutes
  • Routes Served: 30

5. Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (SCL):

  • On-Time Departure: 85.86%
  • On-Time Arrival: 81.29%
  • Total Flights: 11,688
  • Average Departure Delay: 54 minutes
  • Routes Served: 51
CTS. Photo: ブルーノ・プラス - Own work/CC BY-SA 4.0

Airports by Size

Large Airports

Among large airports, New Chitose Airport (CTS) leads with a 91.34% on-time departure rate, followed by Sao Paulo/Congonhas Airport (CGH) at 88.53%, and King Khalid International Airport (RUH) at 88.23%.

Medium Airports

Brasilia International Airport (BSB) is the top performer in the medium airports category with a 93.40% on-time departure rate. Santos Dumont Airport (SDU) and Osaka International Airport (ITM) also performed well with rates of 92.96% and 92.91% respectively.

Small Airports

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) leads the small airports with a 94.48% on-time departure rate. Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) and El Salvador International Airport (SAL) follow with 92.07% and 92.03% respectively.

OSL. Photo: Avinor Oslo lufthavn, Espen Solli/CC BY 3.0

Trend Analysis

The report also includes a trend analysis showing changes in performance over the previous months for the top-ranking airports. For instance, King Khalid International Airport improved from 86.77% in April to 88.23% in May, while Oslo Airport Gardermoen increased from 85.84% to 87.97%.

The May 2024 OTP report highlights the significant punctuality of various global airports, with detailed metrics providing insights into their performance. This data are key for stakeholders in the aviation industry to plan and manage operations effectively.

You can check out a summary of Cirium's May 2024 airline OTP report here.

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