Featured image: Milan Linate Airport

Milan Linate Airport Goes on Full Biometric Mode

DALLAS — Milan Linate Airport (LIN) has recently implemented a service called FaceBoarding, making it a fully biometric airport. This system allows passengers to pass through security and board their flights by simply showing their face.

The service has been introduced following a successful trial period and is open to all airlines interested in integrating their check-in and boarding procedures with FaceBoarding. ITA Airways (AZ) and SAS (SK) are the first airlines to join this project.

The FaceBoarding service aims to optimize the passenger experience at LIN. Passengers who have registered for the service, either at airport kiosks or through a mobile app (which will be available in June), will benefit from a streamlined process of checking identification documents and enhanced security measures.

This means that passengers will no longer need to present their documents and boarding passes at the pre-security turnstiles and boarding gates, as these will become self-service areas.

Photo: Milan Linate Airport

Voluntary Participation, Data Security

Similar to the trial phase, the FaceBoarding service relies on the voluntary participation of passengers, who can choose to register for the service on an annual or per-flight basis.

The technology behind FaceBoarding has been developed in collaboration with ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and the Italian State Police, ensuring both privacy and the security of passenger data.

SEA, the company managing LIN, has partnered with Thales and Dormakaba for the FaceBoarding project. Thales has developed the biometric processing system, while Dormakaba has designed the dedicated gates required for this innovative process.

Milan Linate Airport is a regional airport located in Milan, the second-largest city and largest urban area of Italy.

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