Featured image: Brandon Farris/Airways

In Photos: Air Force One Returns Home to Seattle

DALLAS — Last week Air Force One returned home to Seattle where she was built back in 1987 and Airways was granted media clearance by the Secret Service to capture the arrival and departure of what some consider the best looking Boeing 747 in the world.

The United States Air Force operates two of these frames commonly referred to as AFO but the actual name for them when the president is not onboard is VC-25A and have the tail numbers 92-8000 and 92-9000.

Both of these aircraft will soon be replaced by two Boeing 747-8I's that had been originally built for defunct Russian Airline Transaero before Boeing sold them. They are currently in Texas receiving security and VIP modifications.

As of now the two new VC-25B will wear the same scheme as the current aircraft.

Air Force One Arrives

If you are ever granted the opportunity to watch the Air Force One operations up close it's definitely something that as an AVgeek I highly recommend, no matter who the President is whether you voted for them or not.

You can check the video of AF1 here. Needless to say, it was especially cool to take this footage from @flysea where she was originally built at just a few miles up north @flypainefield.

Air Force One Departs

The aircraft departed Saturday afternoon and that was quite impressive to watch/see. As soon as POTUS he steps on board the pilots immediately start the two engines on the opposite of the traveling media pool and crew members.

Once they are then on board, the other two engines are started together and the aircraft quickly taxies for the runway.

All photos: Brandon Farris/Airways.

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