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Riyadh Air, EgyptAir Sign Strategic Cooperation MoU 

DALLAS – Saudi Arabia's new national airline, Riyadh Air (RX) has signed a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding with EgyptAir (MS). This strategic partnership further strengthens ties between the two nations and their respective markets, while unlocking new travel options for passengers.

Together, RX and MS aim to develop a partnership that allows travelers greater choices when traveling between Riyadh (RUH) and Cairo (CAI), while also offering connectivity to a range of other domestic and international destinations across the Middle East and Africa.

“The signing of this Strategic Cooperation MoU with EGYPTAIR is an exciting achievement for Riyadh Air and brings many positive benefits for our guests. As a close neighboring country to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt is a market where we anticipate significant traffic both to and from Riyadh and Cairo, so it’s critically important that we work closely together to further drive demand," said Tony Douglas, CEO of Riyadh Air.

The two carriers aim to offer passengers a wide range of exclusive benefits when traveling between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other key destinations served in the route networks of both carriers.

Riyadh Air, EgyptAir Sign Strategic MoU. Photo: Riyadh Air

New Partnerships for Riyadh Air

The Riyadh-based carrier is only set to launch services in 2025. Yet, it appears to be making headways in forming partnerships with various airlines in advance.

This agreement with MS was signed at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 4, 2024, in Dubai. Many airlines appear to have entered similar agreements at the 80th IATA AGM.

EgyptAir Group's Chairman Eng. Yehia Zakaria highlighted that this cooperation marks a new chapter in its partnership. He further said that this partnership signifies MS's commitment to expand its network and offer passengers with unique travel experiences.

Riyadh Air also entered an MoU with Singapore Airlines (SQ) at the event. This was RX’s first partnership agreement, which was announced on June 2. 

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