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Singapore-based Aircraft Lessor Orders 10 ATR 72s

DALLAS – Avation PLC has ordered ten ATR 72-600 aircraft to become part of its fleet. This new generation turboprop, known for its exceptional performance, offers the lowest CO2 emissions per trip in the regional market, reaffirming Avation's commitment to sustainable aviation.

Avation PLC has placed a firm order with Aerospatiale (ATR), the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer, for 10 ATR 72-600. The company has seen exceptional performance and good secondary market value for ATR aircraft and has thus opted for ten of these new-generation aircraft.

“Over the years, we have witnessed the exceptional performance of ATR aircraft and enjoyed both strong airline demand and secondary market value retention. Avation believes that over the next 10 years, low CO2, SAF compatible, latest technology aircraft such as the ATR 72, and potentially its EVO successor, will be an essential component for efficient travel worldwide. We also believe that establishing a ten-year program for the supply of new regional aircraft with sensible economics is a key component of our long-term business strategy. ATR 72s with their low operating costs and class-leading low carbon credentials, are an essential addition to almost all major airlines’ regional networks.” Jeff Chatfield, Executive Chairman of Avation PLC

This order marks another milestone in ATR’s relationship with Avation, which began in 2011. Since then, the Singapore-based lessor has taken delivery of 36 new ATR 72s, with two more scheduled for delivery in the coming months as part of a previous order. Avation currently owns a fleet of 20 ATRs. 

Deliveries of the ten new aircraft are scheduled between 2025 and 2028, showcasing Avation’s unwavering long-term vision and confidence in the relevance of ATR’s products to serve the regional aviation market. The agreement is further complemented by 24 purchase rights, extending until 2034, ensuring a secure and sustainable future for both parties.

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Ideal Aircraft for Regional Routes

ATR’s  72-600s emit up to 45% less CO2 per trip than similar-size regional jets. Furthermore, ATR aircraft are already 50% SAF compatible, with the aim to be 100% SAF-ready in 2025, as part of the manufacturer’s commitment to low-emission aviation. These aircraft play a crucial role in enhancing regional connectivity to remote and underserved areas worldwide, fostering optimism for economic growth by attracting businesses, tourism and investment.

“The continued trust from a longstanding customer is the best recognition of our efforts to remain relevant over the years through continuous innovation. This agreement not only reinforces our collaboration with Avation, it also reflects the strong market demand for ATR aircraft. We are proud to contribute to the success and growth of Avation’s portfolio while fulfilling our vision of accelerating sustainable connections by ensuring communities worldwide get quick, responsible, and reliable access to essential services.” Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, Chief Executive Officer of ATR.

Avation PLC is a commercial passenger aircraft leasing company headquartered in Singapore. It owns and manages a fleet of widebody, narrowbody jet, and turboprop aircraft that it leases to airlines worldwide.

ATR was founded in 1981 as a joint venture between Aerospatiale of France (now Airbus ) and Aeritalia (now Leonardo) of Italy. Its main products are the ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft. ATR has sold more than 1,600 aircraft and has over 200 operators in more than 100 countries.

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